Founder Profile

As Managing Member of Application Design, it is Kevin’s duty and pleasure to ensure the quality and viability of all software and hardware being produced by Protean Solutions. LLC by instituting best practices and accountability into the design, production, delivery and supportability of all of our solutions.

After graduating high school, Kevin attended one semester at George Mason University and one year at Northern Virginia Community College and decided he was ready for the business world!  He started working for a main frame computer manufacturer in Virginia and five years later ended up in Texas with the same company as a Sr. Business Analyst with the now global Technical Support Center. Rising through the ranks, Kevin eventually became the Product Supportability Analyst and transferred to California. After a short stint there, he decided that the CRM they were using was popular enough with the up and coming so called ‘dot coms’ that he started as a consultant Sr. Business Analyst implementing that CRM in Customer Service and Support Centers around the US. Receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree and after 30+ successful years in the Service and Support arena, Kevin is now a Co-Founder and Managing Member of Application Design at Protean Solutions, LLC.